Green Energy Products

We manufacture a range of green energy products leading to tremendous cuts on utility costs and reduced carbon footprint.

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Solar Solutions

We do project viability analysis, assess energy demand and consumption patterns, design solar power systems and Installation.

Operation & Maintenance

We monitor, operate, and maintain solar power plants throughout their lifetime. Track and report plant performance.

Engineering project management and consultancy.

Our highly experienced team, provides technical expertise in electrical and electronic engineering solutions.


Project 1


Our range of inverters are compact, offers higher efficiency with full smart control technology.

Solar Roofing

Solar tiled roof combine the aesthetics of traditional tile roofs with the power of solar energy.

Project 3

Energy Storage

Our batteries are designed to ensure minimal energy loss making renewable energy both reliable and sustainable.

Project 3

Energy Management

Online data platform allows user to check consumption, solar and battery power, determine battery life and charging efficiency.